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Jen and Chase and their mom's house. Chase could not know that when he returned to his unit on the 17th that he would be called on the 19th to return.

Jen and Chase at their Mom's March 2005! Chase had to return to is unit on Thur the 17th.

The back of Jen's marker.

What Sunshine is to Flowers
Smiles are to Humanity #
If you see someone without a Smile
give them yours !

This is Jen's favorite quote and one she lived by!

Jen would have loved the flowers. May 2005!

Jen's mom did a wonderful job with decoration, May 2005!

Dana had Tyler, Friends and Family release balloons with Jen's favorite flower seeds attached. When you see a wild flower growing think of Jen.

Tyler reading a birthday card to his mom Sept 20,2005

More of the orbs around Tyler.

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