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2 Weeks old!

Daddy's little girl! We were on the ferry crossing mobile bay during one of our family vacations.

Jennifer and her Dad pose for a picture in Motorcyle jackets! Jen started riding with her dad as soon as she could sit on the bike.

Jens meets with one of Nascars Alabama Gang.
The legendary Bobby Allison!

Jennifer out on one of many hiking trips with the family in Tennessee.

Friends Brooke , Wes, Lori, Tisha, Jen, Ashley, and Phillip all pose for a group picture at Fort Payne high school. They were the best of friends

Disney Land!

Disney Land!

Jen and her Mom.

Bother and Sister pose for a picture to give to Mom & Dad as a suprise!

Jennifer, Tyler, DeLane, Deanna and Jade do not let the rain stop the fun at Disney World!

Jen and Tyler mix it while opening presents on Christmas at her Dad's house.

Having fun at Epcot Center!

Taking a break!

Jennifer and her mom at Jen's High school graduation.

A proud day
for Dad, Chase,
and Tyler!

Jennifer's first Mothers Day with Tyler.

Jennifer and Tyler sharing a few moments together before a special occasion at their home.

Jennifer and Tyler on a fishing trip!

The love between Jennifer and Tyler is very easy to see.

First day of school. A proud day for Jen, she loved being part of Tyler's life in every way.

Chase home on leave rode his Motorcyle up to visit Jen.

Jen has a fun visit from high school friends Dedra & Brooke.

This is the last picture Jen and her mom took together. Her mom will cherish it forever.

Jennifer, her dad, Tyler and Chase, christmas 2004.

Jen and Tyler Christmas 2004.

Tyler going to pickup Mom at the Hospital. He has a suprise for her.

Tyler's suprise for Mom, a ride home in a Limo!

Jen loved seeing Tyler in his little Tux.

Jen baking her Dad a cake March 6th 2005, just days before she would leave us.

It was the best birthday cake I ever had! It was German Chocolate. She said she had a secret but she would never tell!

Jen and Chase and their mom's house. Chase could not know that when he returned to his unit on the 17th that he would be called on the 19th to return.

Jen and Chase at their Mom's March 2005! Chase had to return to is unit on Thur the 17th.

The back of Jen's marker.

What Sunshine is to Flowers
Smiles are to Humanity #
If you see someone without a Smile
give them yours !

This is Jen's favorite quote and one she lived by!

Jen would have loved the flowers. May 2005!

Jen's mom did a wonderful job with decoration, May 2005!

Dana had Tyler, Friends and Family release balloons with Jen's favorite flower seeds attached. When you see a wild flower growing think of Jen.

Tyler reading a birthday card to his mom Sept 20,2005

More of the orbs around Tyler.

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