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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Geannie.
Another Spring Morning Angel
Good Morning to you angel. Time has passed so fast but yet so slow. Not a day goes that by that I don't think about you. One might ask, why I write to you? My response would be that angels are all around us everyday even though we might not hear, see or touch. I feel that as I sit and write these words to you this day, you are reading as I type. I do not understand why things happen as they do and I guess as long as we are in this human flesh it will remain that way. You brought sunshine on rainy day and peace during a roaring thunderstorm. I choose to believe that you are peaceful and you are watching over your Dad, Mom and son the three people in your life that meant the most to you. Andrea and I have spoken numerous times about the great times you and she shared. I am thankful that you were in our lives the short time that we had together. Life here on earth as we know it, is an awful thing to have to go through. I hope that someday I can see life as you did with compassion and love for others as you had shown so many times. I read the tribute from your mother and it made me realize that my two girls are worth more than anything or anybody in this world. Even though I have to go on, because I have no choice, I realize how thankful I am to have my children. Please stay the guardian angel that you are over my children and I. Your beautiful smile is always there even as I look through the tears that fall everyday of my life. Thank you for listening and giving me an opportunity to say good morning to you once again. I will continue to think of you on a daily basis and I will never forget what a wonderful and loving person you were here on earth and now the beautiful angel you are in heaven. May your spirit continue to linger with us everyday until we meet again face to face. I love you.
  Aunt Geannie


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