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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Tina.
Never To Forget March the 20th
Its amazing how every morning we wake up and think another day to face and sometimes we wonder what's the use. Then a different morning will come,we open our eyes and try to remerber why we had a fight with our kids or a loved one but for some reason you can't remember and it no longer seems to be as important as it seemed the night before. We complain about the smallest to the biggest thing in our lifes.We think our problems are worse than anyone else's. It has come to a point where we take so much for granted. We don't stop to help a stranger because we're scared to,we don't spend time with our kids because we're to busy.We give little thought to someone else in trouble or someone in need.We forget what an impact we have on our children with the way we act toward one another sometime. How many people woke up this morning with Sweet Jennifer on your mind and how many hearts went out to her Dad and Mom, .I woke up this morning with my brother so heavy on my mind,wondering how is he today and did he ask himself this morning, What will today be like without my Daughter. I don't know the answer to these questions but there is one thing I do know.My day will be better than his today and I pray I never have to go through the untouchable hurt he has suffered at the loss of such a precious wonderful daughter he loved and adored so much. So Today lets put aside our feelings and our problems and take a moment to remember, A Little Girl,A Daughter,A Woman, A Mother,A Sister,A Granddaughter,A Neice and A Very Special Angel.Lets take a moment of silence in rememberance of this now and forever special woman and when we wake up in the mornings lets wake with a smile because I can promise you Jennifer will be smiling on you.I miss you girl.I will never forget this day and I will never forget you. all my love to you.
  Aunt Tina


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