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A tribute to Jen from Phillip.
Thank You
Thank you for being one of my guiding lights throughout my journey here. Soon after you passed, each time I would think of you I would wonder to myself what I could do to keep your memory alive. Eventually I realized that what you would probably want is not for me to just keep the memory of you alive, but to honor your memory through my own actions. All aspects of them. I have no control over how the rest of the world will respond to me in any given situation. I do, however, have 100% control over my own actions and attitude. Most of the time we don't realize just how much effect our actions and reactions have on others. Especially when they are negative. So, how do I honor your memory? By making every effort to allow love to be the driving force behind the way I express myself every day, without any fear of how others may react to this, since I have no control over that. Maybe I can make someone elses life easier this way.


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