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A tribute to Jen from Phillip.
I stopped by to say hello and read some of the other folks comments today. As I was reading your mom's most recent story about her Thanksgiving yesterday I have to admit I felt a bit selfish. Let me explain. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with lots of good food, family, and friends. But for me it was another Thanksgiving far away from my immidiate family. I've had many of those since leaving home. But they still get to me and yesterday was no different. So even though I had a great day, after the festivities were over, and I lay in my bed watching TV I thought about my family, far away, and felt sad that I couldn't be with them. After coming here and reading Dana's story it put things in to perspective. It made me again realize that I'm lucky to have my family even if they are far away, and I felt a bit selfish for feeling sad. It really is hard to understand why anyone needs to be taken away so early in life. It's devistating for the loved ones that remain here to have to deal with and I can see how it would seem so unfair. I believe with my very being that everyone has a great purpose in life, and I truly do think that Jennifer was no exception to that even though her life was cut short. On Thanksgiving, I am thankful to have had my life touched in such a positive way by a wonderful spirt such as Jen. She has been a great teacher for me in my life as I am sure she has been to many others. And I say has, because even though she is gone, I still learn from her life and death every day. That, I am thankful for on a grand level.


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