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A tribute to Jen from Geannie Harrison.
Beautifu Angel
As the years seem to pass so fast, it is simply amazing to me as it seems as if it was just yesterday you went to be with Jesus. I know without a doubt, you are in a place that I can only hope and pray that I will make it there to be see you someday. Everyday I think of you and find myself writing bits and pieces of songs for and to you. I know that you are watching over your dad as his heart has to be so empty. I know you are with him even though he cannot see you. I have a friend that is with Jesus as well but her daughter called me after years of her mom being gone and not seeing or speaking with her just when I needed my friend the most, just like her mom used to do. So I know that God uses you sweet beautiful angels to watch over us here on earth who hurt, cry, ache and pray to be with our loved ones again. Our Lord Jesus has to be so happy and proud of the angels there in heaven when he looks at you, paw paw, Jeff, Myra and many others. I love you Jenn and I know I may not have told you that enough while you were here, please forgive me for that. I will never stop loving or thinking about you. PLEASE make sure your dad is alright, and put that peace in his heart to know you are there with him. May I ask you to also somehow let him know that I love him too. As these tears roll down my face while writing this to you I am thinking of the void that there is here and in so many lives because you are gone. Continue to smile and be that angel God wants you to be and someday we shall meet face to face once again. I love you kiddo and I promise I will look to heaven and say I love you at least once a day. Thank you for being a part of my life. I love you so very much. Until next time. Love you, Aunt Geannie
  Geannie Harrison


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