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A tribute to Jen from Mamma - 2009.
4 years
I woke this morning just asking that in some way I would know that Jennifer knew how much she is still missed and that things were OK where she is. I went to her grave and left her a spring bouquet of flowers. While I was there I did indeed get the answer that I was wanting. Maybe to others it would have been just a part of the day but to me it was a answer . I know she is doing well. She knows how hard it is for us left here to carry on. It seems as if only the year changes and the pain is not as intense, but it still breaks your every being. I found a new in finding, but older in time video of Jennifer the other day. Just when I needed it so badly. It was beautiful. She was so happy and well in it. I do know without a doubt that she would have been planting her spring flowers in her flower garden if she were here. She loved planting flowers so much. I miss her advice on what I was not doing right on my poor droopy flowers. She said to me once, do you want me to tell you my secret. Well of course I wanted to know. It was to add one teaspoon of miracle grow per gallon of water a week. It worked, as long as she did it for me. She really had a green thumb. I miss her and all her good advice. Can't wait for her to walk me through her flower garden that she has now. Love you , Mamma
  Mamma - 2009


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