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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Tina.
Never forget
Hello Jen I went to a wedding last night of a young couple of 18 years of age who also has a 8 month old baby. Jeff was the best man of the groom. I know people thought I was crying because of Jeff but they were tears from thinking about you and your Dad and from how much I miss you.I saw the bride with such a beautiful smile on her face and for some reason I thought of you and your (Jennifer smile) which could light up a room.I just wanted you to know I did not forget. Your dad and I had a conversation a few weeks ago and we were talking about your cousin Jeff who passed away on Jan 20th of this year from cancer also.I don't remember everything your dad and I talked about but one thing I do remember is him saying to me he did not want people to forget you. I can't in a million years even start to know how he feels without you but I know I've heard the pain in his voice and it breaks my heart to know nothing will ever heal the void he must have in his heart for you. I want him to know, anyone who has A heart and knew you could never forget you and how wonderful you were. We can't know the pain he carries everyday or how he misses you from moment to moment but the ones who love you will never ever forget you and just as he misses you and wishes you were here we do to. Again I just wanted you to know I did not, nor will I ever forget you. My son Jeff said he loves you and misses you too. I hope someday your dad will know your Aunt Geannie and I love him as much as we loved you!!!!!!!!!!! Watch over your dad for me Please and keep your eyes on him and smile a smile everyday just for him. Keep singing with the angels because your voice must make a beautiful sound which can be heard all through heaven. Love you
  Aunt Tina


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