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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Geannie.
Miss you
As I sat down at my computer it was to surf the internet for Maw Maw's obituary. As to print anything I find or have found of her life and her death. Your website came up before me and I smiled. I did a slide show of your life and realized you really are gone just like I am having to realize our precious Grandmother is gone as well. Sometimes life can play tricks on our mind and heart just as death seems to do the same. I think about you so much as I watch my two girls Andrea and Courtney grow up. I know that Andrea loved you so very much just as everyone else that knew you. As our Grandmother left this world as we know it, I ask her to say hello to you for me along with all of the other loved ones we have lost. I so want to be with all of you because I love and miss you. Maw Maw is there with you now and in my mind I picture she and Paw Paw holding hands and you skipping right along with them. You always had the face and heart of an angel but now you have the wings and halo, just as our sweet grandmother has earned. Stay sweet and know that we here on earth miss you dearly. Until we meet again I love you very much.
  Aunt Geannie


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