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A tribute to Jen from Kathie Wiegert.
A Letter To Jennifer
Dear Jen, I hope you don't mind if I call you Jen, you see it feels like I know you even though we've never met. Today when I was working on my family tree I got to my Aunt Marie's family and started working on that. Well you see I didn't know her either because she passed away very young also, before I was even born. Yet it seems I always knew her as my mom and her whole family always told me that I was just like her. I always felt so complimented because you see she too was remembered as very special and very cherished. Well anyway, when I got to my cousin Gary's (Marie's only child) family tree page and started filling in the information I remembered that your family had this online memorial page for you so I went to it and started reading. As I read the comments and memorials about you I quickly realized what a special person you were, how loved you were (and still are) and how deeply you are missed. I don't consider myself extremely emotional but I have to tell you that within a few minutes I was sobbing like a baby. I thought about the people you left behind and what a gapping hole your absence has left in their lives. I looked at your pictures and could clearly see that you were Daddy's little girl. I read your Mom's comments and it was easy to see her unending grief over your loss. As a mother myself, my heart aches for her even while I know I can't possibly comprehend the depth of her pain. I thought of Tyler and how much he must miss you, he's a handsome young man-you did really good Jen! And I thought about how fortunate he is to have so many people who love him, especially his grandparents. I let my mind wander to Gary as he grew up in much the same situation as Tyler and what a wonderful person he is. I can't imagine Tyler being in a more loving and understanding home than with your Mom and Gary. So Jen, on this beautiful summer July day, when you look down from heaven I hope you know that you are not forgotten, but that you are still missed and touching lives every day, even the lives of those who never had the opportunity to see your smile on earth, but look forward to meeting you in heaven. In the meantime your tree branch will forever live on through Tyler as you watch from heaven.
  Kathie Wiegert


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