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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Tina.
How Time Passes
Well here we go again,another Birthday Jen and it stills seems like we should be able to tell you face to face. Seems like time has got away from us and before you know it,another year has come and gone, I sure would love to know what you are doing right now.I'm glad you don't have to see all the things happening around us. I can just see tears in your eyes if you heard some of the stories in the news just this week.I believe you must have a lot better place than we do to live,even though this does not stop us from missing you. Time does pass when your working or when your with friends and family but when a day like today comes along and you know the special someone you miss is going to be in you every thought. Well lets just say today has not went by fast. I spent Saturday thinking about Aunt Cathrine,who has been gone for 8 years now but it seems like I can still hear her talking to me.just like sometimes I swear I can hear your voice. I do wish you a very very Happy 29th Birthday with all my love to you. I pray our family someday somehow will find time for each other before we have to say goodbye to them. Keep smiling on us baby, Oh and one more thing. keep an eye on your daddy and keep smiling on him because even though I did not see him are talk to him today I know you are on his mind and in his thoughts. I love u
  Aunt Tina


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