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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Tina.
Hello Jen
Well like always I'm late again,but I can hear a its ok Aunt Tina I understand. Would you believe I forgot until a few moments ago. I have not forgot you I just lost track of the days. I was standing in my kitchen and I looked up at a picture of you I have on my hutch and thought I wonder what today is and I looked at my phone and saw the date. I sure do miss you and I wish you were here to talk to.Sometimes you think no one understands you and then someone pops in your head and you think if she was here she would know what to say.I know your life is much better in Heaven than it was here while you were sick but as life must go on for the rest of us,it never stops us from missing you.I was thinking just the other day how we always tell each other we are going to get together but we never do it.I wonder why when its to late we say I should have done this or I wish I had done that.I think about you and how you would have wanted us to spend time together and love each other as we never know how much time we have left.I know this may not make any sence to anyone but you and thats ok because you know what I'm talking about don't you.Please make things easier on your dad and keep him safe. I believe your his Angel now and you never leave his side for one miniute.I know in my heart you watch over him and thats what gives me peace of mind just knowing your always there.I still think about you all the time and It makes me want to cry. I really miss you Jen,I love you girl.Your will always be in my heart!!! Tell the family hello for me please.
  Aunt Tina


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