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A tribute to Jen from Your Aunt Tina.
Missing you today
Hey baby girl I know you are having a good time today as I'm sure you do everyday.Tell everyone hello and we miss them very much. I have had you on my mind today,thinking how nice it would be to see your smiling face and hug you just one more time. I read what Tyler wrote to you and all I could do is cry.It sounded as if he was having a wonderful day with your dad lol. Its hard to think about you not being here,watching him grow up into the fine man we all know he will be.I love to read the stories of him and your dad spending time together and doing things you and your dad most likey did when you were little.I believe Tyler was brought into this world for your dad so he would always have a part of you with him.I know the good lord knew what he was doing.I love you girl,I will always miss you and I can't wait to see that Jennifer smile again someday,keep smiling on your dad and as you do send some cheer to all the Griffin family,we need it to brighten our day........
  Your Aunt Tina


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