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A tribute to Jen from Aunt Geannie.
Happy Birthday Jen
I know your birthday is not until tomorrow but I just wanted to go ahead and say today "Happy Birthday Jennifer". You have been on my mind so much over the last couple of days. I know you are missed by so many loved ones, including me. Sometimes life is hard and we don't understand the battles, confusion, disappointment...well you know. I guess that is just life. You were here on the earth for a short season and they say we all have a purpose but I haven't figure mine out just yet, other than my kids. Yours was to bring that good looking son of yours into the world and to let everyone who knew you or seen you what a true smile is truly suppose to look like. I love my girls and I am proud to say I am their mother. I am also proud to say that you are my niece of whom I love dearly. Well Jen, here I am again another year asking you to say hello to everyone for me. Let them know that by the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we will all reunite again someday. Happy Birthday Jen! I love you dearly.
  Aunt Geannie


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