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A tribute to Jen from Mamma 9- 20- 2010.
Happy 30th Birthday ^j^
Jennifer I wished I never had to sit and write the words Happy Birthday to you. I would love with every fiber of my body to be able to hug you and wish you Happy Birthday while you were standing in front of me. Boy would I rag you about being the Big 30. My mind can't help but wonder what you are doing as I am sitting here writing this. And if you were still here, what you would look like and if you would be married or if Tyler would have a baby brother or sister? So many what ifs? I can say I have adjusted to how things are now, but the heaviness on my shoulder and the emptiness in my heart will not subside. The urge to touch you is so over whelming sometimes that I feel as if I can't function. And just as I need it, you allow me to know you are not far away. Thank you for all those times. I am amazed at how you are still touching other peoples lives. I got a message from someone who wanted to donate to (Stand Up2 Cancer) in memory of you. They had known you and thought you were such a special person. Its nice when people take time to acknowledge what you meant to them. It's funny how we don't know how a person is really thought of until their gone. I hope when it's my time to leave this earth I will be thought of a fourth of much as what you are thought of. Jennifer did not have the easiest time while she was on this earth, but with what she was dealt she was able to shine. She allowed others to feel her love and generosity and beauty through her smile. I think when others think of her, they see her smile first. It would always make things better. Just can't wait to see it again. So with all that being said Happy Birthday to the sweetest Angel in Heaven.
  Mamma 9- 20- 2010


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